Papa Dave’s is the best

Written By Gareth McLennan

Located at 820 20th street in New Westminster, Papa Dave’s is one of the best and last, truly great family pizza restaurants. Papa Dave’s offers a wide variety of mouthwatering toppings on the best pizza bread I’ve ever tasted. Without a doubt, Papa Dave’s puts the major pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Dominos and Panago to shame.

Besides pizza, Papa Dave’s also has a wide selection of other foods such as tortellini, ribs, hot wings, spaghetti and more. All of their food is under priced for the quality you get and they are always prompt with their delivery times.

What really sets Papa Dave’s apart from every other pizza place, however, is the quality service you receive and the type of people that work there.

It’s a truly family run place, and it starts at the top. Papa Dave himself will often make deliveries, and he signs each box with a “Thank you from Papa Dave!”You can walk int the restaurant at any time and I can personally guarantee you that you always get a smile and a great conversation.

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